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Bright Solutions offers solutions to reduce energy consumption that will improve efficiencies, provide sustainable development and maximize profits. Bright Solutions does this through representing manufacturers that are committed to developing solid-state LED technologies that offer greater longevity and environmentally friendly products.


Bright Solutions Inc. is much more than just a lighting distributor. Bright Solutions excels at Lighting solutions and designs that are specifically developed for their clients' particular needs and wants. Each facility is unique and is treated as such in order to achieve maximum efficiency at the lowest cost.


Bright Solutions also conducts lighting audits, and complete energy use comparisons, giving clients complete data on energy used (before and after), (new and old), ROI (return on investment) and assistance with available rebate programs.


Full turnkey projects including design, product, installation and post-verification are all part of our services, and you should expect no less.


Lighting solutions is Bright Solutions Inc.


 For project and product inquies, email [email protected]