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Applications for Financial Incentives

  • Bright Solutions specializes in applications for financial incentives available for:
  • Increased energy efficiency;
  • Reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions;
  • Sustainable development. Bright Solutions and its partners have obtained over $5,000,000 in financial incentives for its customers, and has contributed to energy savings of more than 60,000,000 kWh. We work across Canada with :
  • Senior program managers for programs offered at the various levels of government;
  • Energy suppliers;
  • Private organizations with a particular interest in energy efficiency.



LEED Certification

Bright Solutions is active in LEED. building construction and certification. As specialists in energy efficiency, we are particularly interested in the Energy and Atmosphere category. Whether it be basic or enhanced commissioning, computerized simulation of a building's energy performance or analysis and verification of results according to the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP), we have the staff with LEEDAP and Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) accreditation to assist building owners in the certification process.

Measument and Verification

Bright Solutions monitor and verify actual energy savings using the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP). Each project is adapted to the types of energy-saving measures implemented and designed to reflect the degree of precision required and the expected levels of energy savings.

Enery Simulations

Energy simulations enable us to predict the energy consumption of a building or specific systems within a building. Simulation programs also help to evaluate the various design options available and to compare them from both the energy and the installation cost perspectives. Bright Solutions uses several simulation programs depending on the situation. These include:
EE4 or eQUEST: Simulation of entire buildings' energy consumption
AGI 32: Lighting simulation to optimize the number and type of lighting fixtures
RETScreen: Simulation of specific systems
CoolPack: Simulation of refrigeration systems


Whether a customer consults us about the construction of a new building or renovations to existing buildings, Bright Solutions’ design team can identify the best building options to ensure the project will be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. In the case of new buildings, Bright Solutions uses an innovative approach which combines energy simulations of the various building options with a detailed calculation of operational costs throughout a building's lifetime so as to determine the financial advantages of each option. Based on the owner's requirements, we determine the appropriate building design criteria, do whatever calculations are necessary, produce the drawings and detailed specifications, and lead the project to its completion.

Audits and Feasibility Studies

Bright Solutions conducts audits and feasibility studies in existing buildings in order to determine which measures would enable its customer to reduce energy consumption without negatively affecting comfort or production. In general, these studies include the following steps:
1. Building description: characteristics (envelope, general design, use, etc.), electromechanical systems, production systems and various equipment (refrigeration, compressed air humidification, etc.)
2. Energy balance assessment by energy source and use;
3. List of possible energy-efficiency measures with detailed calculations;
4. Environmental impact: calculation of potential reduction in GHG emissions;
5. Financial analysis of the options considered and studied;
6. Recommendations;
7. Summary table.

Carbon Footprint Analysis

Bright Solutions can measure the environmental impact of human activity using accepted industry-specific criteria on which to base its calculation of the carbon footprint. This type of analysis takes into consideration not only a building's energy use, but also waste and resource management, activities related to the transport of people and merchandise, as well as GHG emissions from non-energy sources.


Commissioning of a new building is a rigorous process intended to verify that a building's systems and other elements are designed, installed and calibrated so that they perform as they were intended to. The commissioning process takes place at the same time as, and in addition to, construction site supervision which is concerned with equipment and installation compliance with design specifications. Commissioning, on the other hand, ensures that equipment and systems are operating correctly and, above all, that they are workingeffectively in conjunction with one another.


Recommissioning is intended to make sure that a building's systems and other elements operate at their peak efficiently without negatively affect production, air quality or the comfort of occupants. The recommissioning process, therefore, must take into consideration both the criteria according to which the building was designed and any changes that may have occurred since it was first built. A recommissioning agent needs to incorporate new, more efficient, control strategies as well as follow-up tools to ensure that efficiency is maintained.

Organizations we work with:

Examples of organizations we work with:

• Natural Resources Canada – ecoÉNERGY Program
• Hydro-Québec (Partnering Professional)
• Gaz Métro (Québec) (Partner)
• Agence de l'efficacité énergétique (Québec)
• BC Hydro (Partner)
• Ontario Power Authority
• Hydro One (Ontario)
• Enbridge Gas
• Manitoba Hydro (Participating Commissioning Provider)
• Nova Scotia Power
• BOMA Toronto




Project Managements

Once recommendations stemming from the audit and feasibility studies, as well as those related to design and recommissioning, have been accepted, Bright Solutions can ensure that its clients' projects are successfully completed through tight project management. Careful planning, following-up on progress, verifying compliance, managing costs and deadlines, as well ensuring that the appropriate information is passed on to those in charge of operations, all form part of our regular procedure.

Technology Watch

In order to continually advise our customers on the best products and approaches related to energy efficiency available on the market today, Bright Solutions in conjunction with one of its partners has an elaborate technology watch system. We can act as advisor for our customers to help them assess and implement new technologies.